Wishing you a ‘Healthy Heart’ Holiday

By Audrey D. Jowers, MS, RD, LD, Contributing Dietician

Health care professionals utilizing Atherotech and the VAP Lipid Panel may not be aware of the Our Healthy Heart program. Available to patients nationwide, Our Healthy Heart is a personalized and confidential cardiovascular risk reduction program for patients based on their clinician’s treatment strategies.

Atherotech’s Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Educators (CREs) provide individualized lifestyle modification education to patients based upon their Atherotech-provided VAP Lipid Panel results. CREs meet with patients daily in person, on the phone or via Skype online sessions. The program is free, convenient and tailored specifically to your patient’s risk and lifestyle.

The following are helpful holiday-eating tips your patients are sure to appreciate. For more information on Our Healthy Heart, watch our YouTube video or call 1-866-827-8378.

What’s the best way to enjoy a holiday party without overindulging?
Have a plan! Eat a healthy high fiber snack before arriving at the party. Once there, look over the food choices before diving in. Avoid high calorie foods that you can live without and taste small portions of the goodies you want to enjoy. Be sure to eat off of a “small” plate and not graze around the table. This makes portion control much easier. Try to socialize away from the food table to prevent the temptation to continually pick up foods or drinks.

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A Case of the Sugars

Case #355: Glucose-driven atherosclerotic risk in the well-controlled patient

Michael” is a 65-year-old male with a history of dyslipidemia and hypertension. When I saw him in early 2007, he had two of five NCEP risk factors and a Framingham Risk Score over 10 percent. Michael weighed in at 245 lbs with a BMI above 30 and had quit smoking in 2000.

His blood pressure and lipids have been very well controlled on a beta blocker, calcium channel blocker, thiazide and aspirin since 2003. In the past he had been on statin and fibrate therapy, but was currently on FDC statin/ER niacin.

Michael’s family history includes a grandmother who had a stroke in her 60s, his father with MI in his 60s who lived into his 70s, plus late onset DM2 with his mother and other family members in their 80s. His health, lifestyle and family history were cause for concern regarding diabetes as well as risk of stroke and heart attack.

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